Beautiful Strip Navy

Girl sitting on a marble stoop, posing for the side angle shot. Blue Strip apparel is looking cool and making her look ravishing. Photos, not only this but the white canvas shoes are also making the overall look appealing and enticing.

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Beidge color Apparel

Pink background with tan clothing and curly hair. Girl posing by looking upward with a slight chin above and giving left side view of her apparel towards the camera. This type of photo is usually taken at random places or studios. This art of pose can be learn.


Man in White Cotton Shirt and Shorts

Bearded man sitting on a vintage white van near his farm. Styling in black simple half sleeves t-shirt and grey shorts with a white cotton shirt over it. Matching with the white canvas shoes and the white socks coated with two striped line at the calves.

Gentleman’s Grey Concrete Wall

A girl standing in front of a wall and thinking something while giving back pose describing the blue strips in her apparels present. Also wearing shoes while floor is little bit rough.

Positive Vibes

Dancing is good for the soul, it keeps the heart and mind active through out the day. Also it makes you fit and as a result you glow day by day and feel positive.


Ghost Riding on the Van

A refurbished van in a field of grains. A man chilling on the top roof of van, giving pose to a camera man. With a white cotton shirt, black t-shirt and white canvas shoes with socks and shorts making the vibe sporty.


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